Mailroom digitisation and automation

Today more than ever, companies are facing the challenge of integrating a wide variety of document content from different input channels and media into their business processes. Postal mail and emails have to be viewed, distributed and processed. The logical, automated processing of incoming mail is only possible if all documents are in electronic form.

This is where the services of Tessi Solutions come in: we receive all of your inbox mail, whether postal mail or email.

Suitable for: correspondence, expense reports, return mail, application forms, contracts, invoices, delivery notes, orders, etc.

We create a mailbox for your paper-based documents. At our service centres all incoming mail is scanned, analysed and interpreted, that is, classified into business cases and made available to subsequent processes.

Information from incoming emails and e-documents, along with attachments, are placed in a standardised structure so that they can be analysed and their content classified. They are then fed into the corresponding follow-up process.

Now all business cases and their documents and information have been processed and can be electronically distributed to the various workplaces in specific departments. There the cases are reviewed, assessed and approved as needed for that location. Thanks to the fully digital inbox, you receive the electronic archive at the end of the process as a kind of "waste product", and the paper documents can be destroyed in most cases.